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2nd apr 2020

KedingtonWare has created the page "let's entertain" on this page you can find solutions, music & more for the corona time.

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22nd mar 2020

dieserjm has a new website design.

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21st mar 2020

KedingtonWare has a new website design.

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14th mar 2020

KedingtonWare celebrated its 2nd Birthday.

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1st mar 2020

dieserjm presents the dieserjm Blog.

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16th feb 2020

dieserjm is back with a new website.

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12th feb 2020

dieserjm rolled out the new dieserjm app update.

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9th feb 2020

dieserjm announces "insight dieserjm" on Twitter.

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26th oct 2019

dieserjm becomes a part of KedingtonWare.